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About Us

The Conexus Platform was developed on the premise that small and medium-sized organizations need an integrated, cost effective platform to help manage their business operations. A set of point solutions simply does not get the job done…

Our story is simple and one that virtually every employee or business faces. We worked for many years in large companies with multiple software solutions in place, each for a specific need, and we realized how inefficient and frustrated we were every day. We had the expensive “tools” but their lack of integration and complexity was a huge road block to being effective. Some of the “fixes” were things like single sign on and putting all the software links on the company intranet but that did not solve the core issue.

We realized that small and medium-sized organizations face even a bigger challenge. In many instances these companies either use a tool for a purpose it was not intended for (ex. Excel for expense reports) or simply go without the tools they really need. We felt what was needed was a simple, easy-to-use solution, that they can rely on, to centralize many of their business operations. Hence our group of technical and operational experts built the Conexus Platform.

Our platform, comprised of 14 completely integrated modules, centralizes collaboration, administration and operational tools to help you efficiently manage and optimize your business operations.

Guiding Your Business

By providing both the tools and expertise to move your organization ahead, Conexus allows your teams to access all of our modules, in one place, to ensure optimal performance and satisfied employees. We transform and optimize your business processes so you can spend more time on value added work and less time learning and navigating different point solutions.

Unifying Your Team

In business, everyone needs to be in sync or breakdowns can occur. As an example when an issue arises the Conexus Platform streamlines communication between departments where employees can effectively open a case, exchange information, easily locate and access the right documents, and follow any issues through to resolution. Everyone accesses the same information and cases are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Innovating for Your Success

As the first company to consolidate all business processes into a single, cloud-based solution, Conexus has been a pioneer in business process optimization since its inception in 2015. Continuous innovation has enabled the solution to evolve into a one-stop solution to efficiently manage numerous business operations. Based on customer feedback, enhancements are continual and new modules are being developed.

Our Solution

Conexus takes all of your disparate work processes and blends them together into a simple, intuitive, secure platform, enabling your organization to manage all necessary business functions from a central dashboard. No longer is it necessary to access multiple systems to manage projects, create cases, submit expenses, share documents, conduct training or simply chat online with a colleague. The combination of 14 integrated modules allows the Conexus Platform to be your one-stop-shop to get the job done.

Whether you are just beginning to operationalize your business procedures or you are looking to optimize your current business processes, Conexus provides the flexibility to grow with your organization. The beauty of the Conexus solution is that all of the modules are part of the solution and they are all operational on day 1. There is no configuration that you have to do, we handle everything and the day you go live the entire platform is functional. You don’t need an in house administrator to run the system, its preconfigured based on the specifications we help you define up front.

Our organization transitioned from a collection of disparate solutions onto the Conexus Platform and the Conexus team was with us every step of the way. Their stellar implementation team walked us through all of the setup options so that we could determine the best use of the tool for our business. We are thrilled with the immediate impact it made on our company and our people.

CEO - Emerging Pharma Company

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As we deploy new customers, they continually confirm that Conexus offers a powerful platform that quickly and affordably helped kick-start their growth.